The perfect formula


Demonstrably reduces wrinkles

Skindividual was tested under laboratory conditions for its effectiveness and convinces on the whole line

Tightens in 60 min

The ingredient spilanthol reduces muscle contraction and reduces wrinkles naturally without looking mask-like

Relaxes the skin muscles

Beneficial active ingredients such as hyaluron and Chondrus Crispus Powder cool, soothe and refresh the skin

Scientifically tested

The valuable active ingredient spilanthol is responsible for the reduction of wrinkle depth. It takes 3% of this active ingredient to achieve the positive change that can be seen in the graphic. Skindividual even contains 5% spilanthol.

Reduction of wrinkle depth
Effect after 1 hour
-24,74 %
Effect after 28 days
-44,60 %
The longer the application, the more beautiful the skin appearance.

Moisture & Volume Preservation


Anti-aging effect


Tissue tightening


Soft and supple skin

Skindividual smoothes and tightens naturally. One drop of the colorless and odorless gel brings you refreshed through the day. Skindividual nourishes and protects the skin instead of drying it out and consists exclusively of natural active ingredients. Botox, parabens and animal testing are avoided.