In 60 minutes to a fresh, natural and toned skin.


This is what SKINDIVIDUAL stands for


Skindividual consists of 100% natural active ingredients, has not been tested on animals, does not contain Botox, is paraben-free and vegan.


Skindividual does without a product jungle in which you can not find your way. There is one product in two different sizes. You only need one drop of the gel, which makes Skindividual long-lasting and also protects the environment.


Skindividual convinces in the Dermatest with very good. The gel reduces wrinkles demonstrably and tightens the face within 60 minutes.

Our promise

social impact

Skindividual means doing something good for yourself. And yet David Togni wants to make a difference and do something good for someone in need with every Skindividual product sold. True to his motto: "We have two hands. One to do something good for ourselves and the other to do something good for someone else!"

That's why we donate 1 EUR per skindividual to different heart projects. Currently, the money goes to the Thilo Kehrer Foundation, which is building a meeting center in Burundi that supports children and young people and gives them a new perspective.

Thank you for making a difference together with us!

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
Mike Murdock