Natural Skin Lifting

Smoothes and tightens
in a natural way

Skindividual smoothes and tightens naturally. One drop of the colorless and odorless gel brings you refreshed through the day. Skindividual nourishes and protects the skin instead of drying it out and consists exclusively of natural active ingredients. Botox, parabens and animal testing are avoided.

The perfect formula


Demonstrably reduces wrinkles

Skindividual was tested under laboratory conditions for its effectiveness and convinces on the whole line

Tightens in 60 min

The ingredient spilanthol reduces muscle contraction and reduces wrinkles naturally without looking mask-like

Relaxes the skin muscles

Beneficial active ingredients such as hyaluron and Chondrus Crispus Powder cool, soothe and refresh the skin

Scientifically tested

The valuable active ingredient spilanthol is responsible for the reduction of wrinkle depth. It takes 3% of this active ingredient to achieve the positive change that can be seen in the graphic. Skindividual even contains 5% spilanthol.

Reduction of wrinkle depth
Effect after 1 hour
-24,74 %
Effect after 28 days
-44,60 %
The longer the application, the more beautiful the skin appearance.

I am Skindividual

Every skin is individual. Skindividual is a product for all skin types. Whether young or old, with or without wrinkles, with freckles or without, with dimples or without dimples. In the foreground is the appreciation of oneself. To take care of yourself and to do something good for yourself.

Natural ingredients


What makes the perfect formula of Skindividual? The special composition of natural and qualitative active ingredients. They ensure that wrinkles are reduced, the connective tissue is tightened and the feeling of freshness lasts long. Skindividual contributes to cell renewal and fights harmful external influences.


Provides moisture and freshness

Citrus paradisi

refines the skin texture by inhibiting viruses & bacteria

Chondrus Crispus Powder

has a calming, soothing and cooling effect

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Leaf Extract

makes the skin supple and soft

Centella Asiatica Extract

promotes collagen formation and thus the elasticity of the skin


tightens and relaxes the facial features in a very short time


Seal of quality for
skin compatibility

Products that have been awarded the Dermatest seal keep the promise of tested and confirmed quality. Skindividual was tested on various people and rated very good in terms of skin compatibility.

Why people love SKINDIVIDUAL?


Skindividual renounces animal ingredients

without Botox

For a natural tightening of the skin


Suitable for all skin types


No clogging of the pores

without animal testing

Ethically unobjectionable

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